About Us

We’re a Christian church in Woking that is passionate about the transforming love of Jesus. We believe Jesus has the answers to this world’s challenges. We want you to know how loved and valued you are.

You can be excused for thinking we’re a new church because we changed our name in May 2018. But we’re not new, we’ve been in Woking since 1879! We were originally called Woking Baptist Church, and since 1976 we’ve been called The Coign Church. We decided to change our name because we wanted a name that reflected who we are and emphasised that you’re welcome.

We currently hold one online meeting each Sunday (9:45am). This is relaxed and suitable for all ages, and all sorts of people. Just come as you are and enjoy being with us.


Other Connections

Welcome Church is an autonomous local church, but that doesn’t mean we stand alone or aloof from other churches. We’re part of Churches Together in Woking and run many projects with the other churches in our town.

We’re also part of the Commission family of churches.



Commission is an international family of churches working together to see thousands of lives transformed, through hundreds of churches, in tens of nations. Led by Guy Miller (based in London) and his team, Commission incorporates churches in the UK, India, Spain, Portugal, USA and is developing in other nations.

These churches actively work together to see God’s kingdom advance through church planting, raising leaders, going to the nations, reaching the unreached and working with the poor.

As part of our involvement in this family of churches, once a year we join with other Commission churches at The Connect Festival. This is a 4 day conference where we come together to share worship, teaching and fellowship.


It matters that you're here