Coronavirus Unlocking Update – 10th September

After not being able to hold our usual meetings since March because of the need to keep everyone safe during the Covid Pandemic, we had planned some trial meetings for 20th and 27th September. However, this week new restrictions have been announced that have caused us to rethink our plans.

This week changes to lockdown restrictions were announced by the government, introducing the new “rule of 6”. We’ve been told that Covid is increasing across the country, and people have been asked to use additional caution and reduce interaction with others. From Monday (14th) it will be illegal to meet in any group greater than 6, indoors or outdoors, apart from some specific situations.

In less than a week we’ve moved from a situation where restrictions were easing, to one with more restrictions and more Covid cases. In the next few weeks trials had been planned for some concert venues and conference centres – something we’ve been keeping a close eye on – but this is now subject to review as well.

The announcement was very clear that places of worship are allowed to hold meetings, as long as it’s done in a Covid-secure way. This means WE ARE LEGALLY ALLOWED to go ahead. However, we also need to ask ourselves a number of other questions to determine if it’s the right thing at this moment.

Having reviewed the situation late on Wednesday, including taking some honest soundings from some who were booked to attend, we’ve reluctantly made a call to delay the trial meetings, perhaps until Sunday 18th October. We will keep this under review week by week.

We are disappointed by this, but after wide discussions we concluded that the 20th September, 6 days after new restrictions come in, is not the right moment for us to begin. We’ve made a video to explain it all (below). Please watch it for more information:

We look forward to being able to meet together again, and will put our trial Sunday’s back in place as soon as it is appropriate to do so. Please keep an eye on our announcements (sign up for our information email and Steve’s blog if you don’t get them) and do come and join us at our trial meeting if you possibly can.

In the meantime we are going to be using this extra time to continue working on making our trial meetings safe and even better than we had planned. For example, we will be ooking at how we can enable things like children and youth in a covid secure way.

Until then, please continue to join us each Sunday at 9am and 11am, for our live Sunday meeting on


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