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How significant is the resurrection? Does it just prove that Jesus was who h said he was, or is it far more significant for us today and for the future?


14th April 2019
In the final part of our Welcome Works series Steve talks about God's plan for restoration and how this affects each one of us and all that we do.


7th April 2019
Do you feel trapped, enslaved or not in control of you life? Jesus came to bring freedom to the captive and to set us free. Chris explores what this means…


31st March 2019
What is Kindness? Steve explains why kindness is so much more than just being 'nice' to people and challenges us about how we demonstrate kindness in different situations.
Tim Robertson, from Compassion UK, looks at the good Samaritan and explains how the compassion of God should drive us to show compassion in a practical way to the millions…
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