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What is Heaven like? Who will be there? Will you be there? How do you get in? All these questions and more answered by John Groves as he looks at…
Have you ever been angry? Jonah was, and it quickly led to bitterness and problems for him. Chris looks at the roots of Jonah’s bitterness and God’s answer – forgiveness…
Have you been wronged? Are you looking for justice? Do you want revenge? That's how Jonah felt about Ninevah, but God teaches him about mercy and forgiveness.
Everyone agrees that we are facing an environmental disaster and that we are mistreating the world. Phil talks about the Christians response, all points to one true answer - Jesus.
Have you ever felt like you've blown it with God? In this part of the series, Jonah receives God's grace and mercy. Dub explores how with God's grace, your past…
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