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How do you use your hands? Do you point the finger of blame, accusation or ignorance - or do you use your hands to help the poor in the way…


3rd March 2019
Some people don't deserve our support, their mess is their own fault isn't it??? Dub look's at 'Mercy' and explains how mercy helps us support everyone, in all situations.

Good News

24th February 2019
Are the poor important? In Galatians 1 and 2 Paul discusses the details of his gospel with the Apostles and they conclude that it's essential to "Remember the poor". This…
"There not gonna catch us ... We're on a mission from God!" Just like the Blues Brother's, we too are on a mission from God! Steve talks about our 3…
Are you lonely? Do you feel like a spare part? Dub explains why being a people of community is a key part of who we are.


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