Facing Challenges

16th June 2019
Caleb and Joshua knew how to face life's challenges well. What did they know and what can we learn from it?
If you're a Chirstian, have you ever felt concerned that you might lose your salvation? Or if not, do you worry that if you start to follow Jesus, you might…


14th April 2019
In the final part of our Welcome Works series Steve talks about God's plan for restoration and how this affects each one of us and all that we do.


31st March 2019
What is Kindness? Steve explains why kindness is so much more than just being 'nice' to people and challenges us about how we demonstrate kindness in different situations.

Good News

24th February 2019
Are the poor important? In Galatians 1 and 2 Paul discusses the details of his gospel with the Apostles and they conclude that it's essential to "Remember the poor". This…
"There not gonna catch us ... We're on a mission from God!" Just like the Blues Brother's, we too are on a mission from God! Steve talks about our 3…
Have you ever felt like a failure? Ever just wanted to give up? Knowing our true identity in Christ will make all the difference - Rejoice and live in our…