Coronavirus Unlocking Update


Places of worship can meet from 4th July if they comply with all of the Covid-19 safety requirements. But what does that mean for us?

We love meeting together and worshiping God as a family on Sunday morning, so are keen to restart meetings as soon as possible. However, the Covid-19 guidance for Places of Worship puts a lot of restrictions on what we can do – including not being able to sing, socialise or provide children’s or youth groups, as well as needing to 2m social distance and significantly restrict attendance at meeting to allow this.

We have looked very carefully at the guidance, and although we could adjust to meet them, we do not believe that it would provide a good enough meeting of the style and content that we would want. We have therefore decided that it is not the right time for us to start physically meeting together again yet and we can serve you better by continuing to meet online each Sunday.

Please watch the video above, or refer to Steve’s blog for a much fully explanation, but in brief there are 5 key factors that we are looking for before we reopen to meet on a Sunday, these are:

Legality – are we legally allowed to meet?
Safety – can we follow the Covid-19 secure guidelines and make our meetings (reasonably) safe?
Quality – is the sort of meeting we are allowed to hold actually worth holding, and is it at least as good as the online experience?
Children – can we give children an experience they will enjoy?
Worship – can we genuinely worship God together and encounter him?

In addition we want to serve everyone, so this means we need enough capacity for all who want to attend in person, and still be able to serve those who are not able or willing to come to meetings in person yet by continuing online in some way.

We are looking forward to being back in our building and meeting together to worship God on a Sunday morning, but until we can, please join us online each Sunday at 9am or 11am at


With You, For You