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When we read the Bible correctly, we realise that God has not called us to live a life of joyless rule-keeping, but has invited us into a life-giving relationship, through…
Phil 4 v 4-7 says “Rejoice always and do not be anxious!” Wellington shares his story about how he learned to apply this passage everyday and how e can do…
Paul had a crisis of confidence! Had he run his race in vain? What must he make sure that he does? Find out as Steve unpacks Galatians 1:11 to 2:10
What sort of Messiah was Jesus? Why do some people believe in Him when others don’t? What difference would seeing a miracle of Jesus first hand make to our level…
In this message Cassie looks at the triumphal entry and how the King of Kings shows who he is and what his Kingdom is like.
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