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Samson's life was fast paced and reckless, super strength and super looks! Its easy to see his life featuring on a blockbuster Hollywood film success! But without boundaries or limitations…

Even Through Peter

13th November 2022
We have ALL already disqualified ourselves. But Jesus would say to Simon Peter, even to me, and even to you, “I HAVE QUALIFIED YOU!”
Wherever you’re from, God wants to work through you here and now in the UK, and that means we all have a part to play in our church. Whatever your…

Even Through You

30th October 2022
Guest speaker, Sydney leads us through how God moves even through you. God moves through all people, named or unnamed, we each play a supporting role in God's great plan.
"Too Young, not from around here, not as qualified, and what would people do or think! What difference can I possibly make??" Meg leads us through the brave story of…

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