Why are we so excited by Jesus?

Jesus is the most significant figure in history.

When He walked the earth 2,000 years ago, Jesus’ love and compassion caused all types of people to be drawn to Him – and huge numbers of people’s lives were transformed by experiencing His love, forgiveness, healing and offer of a new life.


Jesus is changing lives today!

At Welcome Church we have hundreds of people with personal stories of how Jesus has transformed their lives. We’d love to share some of these stories with you when you visit us.


“Who was Jesus?” “Who is Jesus in the Bible?” “Is Jesus God in human form?” “Hasn’t science disproved God?”

You may have loads of questions about life and faith. Your questions are important to us, and there’s lots of different ways you can explore answers to your questions with us.


“Life to the full”

Jesus said, “I have come to give you life to the full.” And that’s been our experience – not a religion that restricts, but a relationship with Jesus that brings joy, and increases our passion for people and for life. We would love you to connect with us, and join us on the journey of discovering life to the full that Jesus offers us all.


How do I become a Christian?

If you’re ready to follow Jesus, it’s really easy to connect with Him and to begin a journey of faith in Him. Click here for some simple steps to do this.


Connect with us

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It matters that you're here