Welcome Stories

We’d love you to join us on a Sunday and hear our latest Welcome Stories

You can join us at either 9am or 11am.
At each meeting we offer creche, kids groups, tea, coffee & pastries.

There’s plenty of room, so come take your seat, and hear stories of people’s lives that have been transformed through Jesus.

Beryl’s Story
Bereavement threw Beryl into fear and despair, but she found peace and hope in Jesus.
Watch her Welcome Story (7:14).

Dub’s Story
Dub went from chasing girls, gain and football glory, to living life to the glory of God.
Watch his Welcome Story (5:16).

Olive’s Story
Olive spent her life chasing love and acceptance, but it was only through her faith in Jesus that she truly found it.
Watch her Welcome Story (6:24).

Chereece’s Story
After growing up with an absent father, Chereece was transformed through the love of Jesus, who replaced her resentment with forgiveness.
Watch her Welcome Story (5:01).

Carl’s Story
Carl achieved his dream of a professional rugby career, but was left to consider at what cost to his character.
Watch his Welcome Story (5:13).

Paul’s Story
From riches to rags. Paul's life of luxury imploded and he found himself searching for answers.
Watch his Welcome Story (6:45).

Tristan’s Story
Tristan never expected to get Covid. When he did, he had no idea how tough it would be as he feared for his life.
Watch his Welcome Story (6:45).

Pete’s Story
Pete faced a sudden illness that caused him to wonder if he was about to die.

Watch his Welcome Story (5:08).

Monica’s Story
Monica thought that she had failed as a Mother when she left her daughter in another country at 8 months old.
Watch her Welcome Story (5:15).

Norman’s Story
Norman’s life was turned upside down when he had to tell his kids their Mum was going to die.
Watch his Welcome Story (4:32).

Becky’s Story
After suffering abuse as a child Becky went through many challenges before she found freedom.
Watch her Welcome Story (4:37).

Mike’s Story
Mike battled with depression and attempted suicide before one day something was posted through his front door.
Watch his Welcome Story (5:07).

Sue’s Story
Sue suffered the unexpected and traumatic loss of her husband on Boxing Day.
Watch her Welcome Story (4:30).

Bianca’s Story
Bianca felt her life was complete and that she had no need of God or faith.
Watch her Welcome Story (3:12).

Craig’s Story
Craig tried to find comfort in the bottom of a pint glass after his parents died.
Watch his Welcome Story (3:20).

Tony’s Story
As a child Tony’s father died and then Tony ended up trying to take his own life too.
Watch his Welcome Story (2:27).

Leah’s Story
After many challenges Leah faced life as a single parent.
Watch her Welcome Story (3:39).

Ray’s Story
Ray lived a life of violence and crime, including being stabbed and shot at.
Watch his Welcome Story (4:07).

Mike and Lou’s Story
Mike caused his marriage to Lou to go through some massive challenges.
Watch their Welcome Story (4:05).

Ryan’s Story
Shocking news about his father and the tragic death of his older brother nearly ripped Ryan’s life apart.
Watch his Welcome Story (3:39).

Welcome Church is a Christian church based in the heart of Woking that is passionate about the transforming love of Jesus. We believe Jesus has the answers to this world’s challenges and these Welcome Stories are just some examples of this.

If you want to find out more about the claims of Jesus and the Christian faith, either fill in the form at the bottom of this page, or click here to find out about Alpha, or email us on stories@allwelcome.uk.


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