Welcome Works


Besom provides quality, modern household items to those in need.

BesomThe Woking Besom is a joint Churches enterprise, set up so that those who are able can give to those who are in need, with Besom being the bridge between the two. Items given range from beds & sofas down to cutlery and crockery.

You can become directly involved by helping collect and deliver furniture, setting up or becoming a part of a project team to decorate, carry out DIY or clear a garden. Additionally, donations can be made for specific items such as white goods, mattresses, carpets, curtains, decorating materials and equipment for example or even financially supporting our operating costs.

Recipients are referred to the Besom by recognised bodies such as churches, social services, school workers and other social agencies.


Getting Involved or Receive Support

If any of our Welcome Works would be a support to you in any way, or if you want to find out more, want to join us in serving our communities or would like to give financially to support any of our initiatives, then please let us know by clicking here.


Our Welcome Works

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