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Welcome Meal

Welcome Meal is a place of support and encouragement for those who find themselves alone or going through life’s challenges. Every Friday from 12.30pm there’s a tasty hot meal alongside friendly faces in a cheerful, welcoming environment.

Welcome MealWe have a brilliant team of volunteers who are ready to greet and serve guests with a warm smile every week, as well as offer support for whatever someone is going through.

“The people who go to Welcome Meal speak so highly of the church and some of them say that it’s the only place they feel part of the community, how they look forward to a good meal and meeting lovely people.”


Getting Involved or Receive Support

If any of our Welcome Works would be a support to you in any way, or if you want to find out more, want to join us in serving our communities or would like to give financially to support any of our initiatives, then please let us know by clicking here.


Our Welcome Works

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