Your First Visit

We’re so pleased that you’re thinking of visiting us.

Going anywhere for the first time can be daunting. You may be worried about where to go or what to do. That’s why we make our meetings as welcoming and friendly as possible.

What’s more, we’ve put together this handy guide to answer any questions you may have beforehand.

Where do you meet?

At the moment we hire the HG Wells Conference Centre on a Sunday morning because our own building, The Welcome Centre, does not fit us all in. We use The Welcome Centre for most of our other meetings. We are currently planning to build a new facility that will suit us for all our meetings, but this isn’t available yet!

What time does the meeting start and finish?

We hold two meetings every Sunday morning. The first starts at 9am and finishes at 10:30am. The second starts at 11am and finishes at 12:30pm.

We hold two meetings because we are too large to fit in the HG Wells Conference Centre in one go. There's no difference between the two meetings - just pick the time that suits you best. Straight after both meetings we serve tea and coffee (free of charge), so please don't rush off - have a drink to get to know us.

Is parking available?

On a Sunday, we meet at the HG Wells Conference Centre. The best place to park is the Victoria Road Car Park. There's an access bridge from the car park to the HG Wells Conference Centre available on level 4 / 5 (where you'll also find some of our Welcome Team to direct and help you).

If you bring your car parking ticket with you, you can validate it in our reception area's ticket machine after the meeting and your parking will be free.

What should I expect when I arrive?

You’ll receive a really warm welcome from the moment you arrive. When you enter the HG Wells Conference Centre, you’ll be greeted by our Welcome Team and shown through to the main meeting hall. The hall is equipped with comfortable chairs and large screens where song words and notices will be projected.

The Welcome Team can help you find a seat and introduce you to others if you wish. If you have children below year 7 with you, someone can introduce you to a children's group leader, tell you about our safeguarding systems and show you where their groups are - just ask. The children meet in different rooms for a range of age-related activities for the whole meeting time.

What happens during a meeting?

We usually begin with a short welcome from the leader that day. The main part of the meeting is then divided into a time of worship (led by a modern band), followed by Bible teaching from one of our leaders.

There are separate activities for children from birth up to school year 6. These run for the whole morning, and you can either take your children to them before the meeting starts or at any time during the morning if you prefer.

Between the worship and the teaching, the meeting leader will give some information about upcoming events and share any other news. At this point, there will also be an offering, but don’t feel embarrassed to pass the basket on without putting anything in it. Many church members contribute directly through their banks using standing orders, so you won’t be the only one passing it on.

After the meeting, tea and coffee is served from tables at the side of the hall. This is all provided free and it's a great time to say hello to other people or meet one of our leaders if you would like. However, if you have children in one of the children's groups please remember to go and collect them first. To help keep them safe, you’ll need to collect them in person.

Where are the toilets?

There are clearly signposted toilets off the reception area as you first come into the HG Wells Conference Centre. These are either side of the door to the main meeting room, so easily accessible whenever you need them. There's also a seperate toilet that is accessible to wheelchair users in the foyer area. If you need help finding the toilets, please ask a member of our Welcome Team.

Is there wheelchair or pushchair access?

Yes, there is good access. You can travel from the car park to most of the rooms we use on one level without any steps. The rooms for children aged 3 and above are upstairs but there is a lift that can be used if needed. For parents, there is plenty of space to either have your pushchair with you or you can 'park' it in a space at the back if you prefer.

If you are struggling to walk from the car park to the meeting room, please let our Car Park Team know as they have a wheelchair available and will help you from the car park to the HG Wells Centre.

Will I be expected to sing and take part?

All the song words will be projected onto large screens at the front of the hall. If you want to join in and sing, then please do. But if you would rather just observe then that's fine as well!

What do I need to wear?

There's no dress code. Please come wearing whatever you feel most comfortable wearing. Everyone is welcome - just come as you are.

I haven't been to church before - will I feel out of place?

Whether you have never been to church before or have attended church meetings all your life, you are just as welcome to come and join us. We have visitors on almost every Sunday, so there will be plenty of others who are also new to Welcome Church.


What have others said?

“I was really worried about visiting the church for the first time as I was on my own and I was new to Woking. I didn’t need to be concerned at all. I received such a warm welcome and was quickly introduced to lots of friendly people over coffee.” Rebecca

“I wasn’t sure where to go, but I was met in the car park by someone in a welcome T-shirt and shown the way. Loads of people greeted me and made me feel very welcome.” Lois

“A really welcoming church; a great place to learn more about God and to get together with others who love Him to worship Him.” Tony


Got further questions?

We hope this helps to explain what Welcome Church is like. Please do come and visit us, we’d love to meet you. If you are still nervous, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any further questions. We can also arrange for someone to meet you as you arrive.

It matters that you’re here